Our Vertical Gardening

A vertical garden is a garden that grows upward (vertically) using a trellis or other support system, rather than on the ground. We believe vertical gardens deserve the same approach and attention to detail as traditional gardens. In addition, vertical gardening is used by many as a means to ensure they are using their garden space to its maximum potential.

Vertical gardens can be installed indoors and outdoors. Layers, texture, contrast, color and blooming are factors we consider when creating vertical gardens that are more than simply green walls.

Each design and plant selection is based on the project-specific conditions. Choosing the right plants for the right location is key to ensuring a healthy and beautiful garden. Corporate Care uses a large variety of species and believes biodiversity increase both aesthetic and functional quality.

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Divert from the ordinary!

Different Types of Vertical Gardening for Workplace and Home

Hanging Pots 

Gutter System 

Traditional Trellis

Tower Gardens

Pallet Tray System

Hardware Cloth Frame

Bottle Garden

Florafelt System

Freestanding Garden

Succulent Gardens

Pyramid Garden

DIY Wall Planter

Vertical garden saves your valuable commercial space!

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