Commercial Floor Cleaning Service

The cleanliness and appearance of your floors reflects directly on your business. However, neglect, improper care and everyday wear and tear can take its toll on your floors. Proper maintenance and restoration gives you the most out of the substantial investment you have in your hard surface flooring.

Our technicians are expertly-trained in the cleaning and restoration of many types of hard surface flooring. We know how best to remove dirt and soil, even in high traffic areas. We follow the recommended cleaning procedures of manufacturers to provide thorough care and maintenance.

The appearance of your floor reflects directly on your business!

The Benefits of Professional Floor Cleaning

Face it, your flooring take its fair share of abuse. Over time, hard flooring and carpet alike attract dirt, grime and other messes that can be difficult to clean on your own. Sure, regular vacuuming and mopping is important, but only a professional service can accomplish the deep cleaning you need to preserve your flooring.

Only the Best
One big difference between cleaning your own floors and hiring a service is that a service will come equipped with better tools to get the job done. Professionals have heavy-duty, industrial-quality products and equipment that few people have access to for their homes. This ensures the cleaning will be more powerful and effective.

Professional cleaners understand the different types of flooring and what it takes to get each kind clean. They know what to use on what surfaces and the amount of chemical and product to apply.

Cleaning floors isn’t exactly how you want to spend your days, right? Hire a professional service and you can be certain a technician will take the time necessary to get the job done efficiently and appropriately.

Toddlers and pets often lay on the floor, touching it with bare skin – and yes, they may even eat off the floor! Professional cleaners use the least toxic products available, so as not to endanger your child or pet.

Our Technicians Can Make These Floors Shine

Expert cleaners of Corporate Care understand the different types of flooring and what it takes to get each kind clean. They know what to use on what surfaces and the amount of chemical and product to apply.

Our staffs love cleaning, they love mopping!

Terracotta Floor

Ceramic Tile Floor

Cement Floor

Vinyl Tiles Floor

Hardwood Floor

Terrazzo Floor

Marble Floor

Laminate Floor

Linoleum Floor

10 Steps to Clean Floors


Sweep/vacuum All Walk Off Mats First

Start by sweeping or vacuuming all walk off mats first. You have to vacuum the mats so they can absorb more debris.


Vacuum, Sweep or Dust the Floor

Vacuum, sweep or dust the floor to remove any large debris. It’s more difficult to mop if there are food or dirt particles on the floor. Always tidy up the area first.


Clean Along Edges and Corners

Using a broom or vacuum system with the appropriate tool, clean along edges and corners making note of condition of baseboards


Place Wet Floor Signs

Place wet floor signs early on in strategic areas to warn pedestrians of potentially wet areas.


Pour the Solution in the Bucket

Fill your mop bucket. Mix hot water and an appropriate amount of floor cleaning solution, according to the directions on the label – choose a cleaner specially designed for cleaning floors.


Use the Correct Pad

If it is a buffing/ burnishing night, decide whether to use any floor restorer first and then proceed with correct pad based on floor finish and conditions of floor.


Damp Mop the Floor

Damp mop (using appropriate solution — usually neutral detergent) the floor as usual, changing mop water and even mop head as these get dirty.


Remove Stains

To remove any stains, make a paste using a 50/50 mix of scouring power and water or baking soda and water. Rub the paste on the stain with a cloth or sponge and allow to sit for 10 minutes, then scrub the area removing all paste.


Clean the Grout

Clean the grout. In most cases the 50/50 solution can be applied to dirty or moldy grout with a soft brush to remove the stains. Wash the grout with clean water when finished.


Rinse and Buff the Floor

Rinse the floor. Once you’re finished mopping, make sure you give the floor an extra rinse – especially if you have kids or pets. Then buff the floor with a dry towel to remove any remaining water residue for a great shine!

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