Events Cleaning Service

A big event takes a lot of time and energy to plan and maintain. The last thing that you want to deal with at the end of an event is cleaning up the messes that people at the events leave at the venue.

We offer expert event cleaning services at indoor and outdoor corporate and public events all the year round. No matter how big your event – from race meets to corporate events, huge festivals and everything in between – our cleaners are here to help!

Our teams keep the venue clean before, during and after the event, covering coffee bars, catering areas, marquees, trade stands, stages, toilets, welfare facilities and back of house areas, as well as litter picking and waste disposal, and all our work is carried out to exacting standards.

Events can generate high traffic and require a deep but fast clean to ensure that the venue can return to normal use in the shortest time possible. We will ensure that this turnaround is completed in a very short space of time.

Life is all about sequence of events!

Types of Events We Clean

Whether it’s a conference, convention, or grand opening, we have the experience and reliability to clean your facility. With each event there are many common messes, from drink spills to dropped food, there’s no shortage of the kinds of messes that people will leave at these commercial facilities during these special occasions. Here are the types of events we clean for:

Grand Openings



Boishakhi Festivals

Trade Shows

Birthday Parties

Sporting Events

 Eid Festivals

Fundraising Events

What Does Event Cleaning Services Consist of?

Event cleaning crews will commonly handle all cleanup tasks necessary to restore your event location to a sparkling condition. We will ensure that all garbage is disposed off properly, surfaces and floors are spotless, and kitchen and bathrooms are thoroughly cleaned. No matter what type of event you are planning, we will have you covered.

Why Use a Professional Event Cleaning Company?

Every event brings its own unique messes. The number of attendees and scale of some cleanups may be too much for anyone other than a professional event cleanup company with industrial cleaning equipment. Other times, event holders just want every aspect of an event to go off without a hitch, and event cleaning services can help ensure that.

Professional event cleaning services are equipped to handle every possible mess left at commercial facilities during special occasions, from bathroom cleaning to carpet cleaning services for drink spills to dropped food and more.

Corporate Care has the experience, expertise and resources to successfully manage your complex event cleaning needs. Call us at 01707009599 and book an appointment.

Plan for your event; our staffs love to clean!

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