Plant Hire for Events, Functions and Exhibitions

Corporate Care loves working with plants and is always finding new ways to display green stylish plants and flowers in promotional events, official functions, exhibitions, weddings, meetings and private parties.

Our plant displays are modern, unique and can be designed to suit any type of event. We provide plant displays for indoor and outdoor use. Plant displays can be big and bold, small and discreet, and everything in between.

We are able to offer plant hire on a long- or short-term basis, giving you complete flexibility, and also making it a perfect solution for seasonal or one-off events.

All of our products are also available for outright purchase. If you are looking for something specific which is not listed on our website then please contact us.

For more information about how to help create and decorate your next event, please call the Corporate Care team at 01707009599.

Decorating with live plants is a creative way to make events more inviting!

Types of Events Our Team Covers

Corporate Photographs
If you are in need of pictures of the office or other property for inclusion in annual reports, corporate brochures or marketing materials, it is important to make a good impression. Our plant specialists will assist in selecting the perfect plants to suit the design details, color schemes or furniture styles of the space.

Special Events in Schools, Universities and Community Centers
Convocations and awards ceremonies are often held in large auditoriums or meeting spaces. Plant display plays a great role in these surroundings. They can soften hard lines and frame stages making a large impact on the space and a low impact on your budget. Live plants will inspire participants, enthuse audiences and create a wonderful backdrop for pictures taken during the event.

Model Homes and Model Units
Property managers and real estate specialists are aware that tenants and homebuyers are very visual when considering their real estate options. Thriving indoor plants strategically positioned make model homes look more inviting and appealing. Also, the use of fresh, healthy plants is a proven strategy in buyer psychology.

Trade Shows and Conventions
In a sea of participants at large conventions and trade shows, standing out in the crowd requires a striking display. Live plant rentals can liven up your booth and create a friendlier backdrop for your presentation. The professional, polished look that live plants add to a display can be just the icebreaker or a point of interest needed to get participants to stop and engage.

Residential Special Occasions
Plants can be used in many ways for parties in private residences. They can serve as the centerpieces for the buffet and guest tables, or to screen the food preparation area. They can also be integrated into the home’s decor for themed or seasonal festivities.

There are many other events that can be enhanced with the use of short-term live plant rentals. If you have a special occasion in the works, contact Corporate Care today for your free consultation, and find out how we can help make your event special with the use of live plants.

Live plant display can make events more memorable by enhancing the atmosphere of the affair.


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