Cockroach: The Most Common Pest around the World

Cockroaches are everywhere! If you have ever lived in a city, you have probably run across cockroaches. They are the most common pest around the world. It is estimated that there are 4,600 species of cockroach, 25-30 of which are associated with human habitations.

Controlling cockroaches is important because they can help spread disease and dirt around a home and cause businesses to lose their reputation or even be shut down. A professional cockroach control and removal specialist can help you.

Although there are numerous species of cockroaches around the planet, the ones that are most common for indoors are:

  • German Cockroach – these cockroaches prefer to live and breed indoors and most often found around your kitchen or scurrying around your bathroom.
  • American Cockroach – found in basements and kitchens, but prefer to breed outdoors and live on trees.
  • Oriental Cockroach – dark black or brown in color they love cool, damp areas. These are a health concern because they love to feed on garbage and decaying things.

The Problem: Cockroaches are tough

Cockroaches have been around for a long time. The fossil record shows signs of cockroaches going back as far as 350 million years. You don’t get to survive that long on this planet without being hard to kill!

Some cockroach facts to be aware of:

  • German cockroaches are the fastest reproducing species. A single female and her offspring can produce over 30,000 individuals within a year.
  • Cockroaches can live anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months without food or water depending on the species.
  • Considerable health risks are caused by cockroaches contaminating food and triggering asthma/allergy attacks.

How to Prevent Cockroaches

While you should always contact pest control professionals if you have an active infestation of cockroaches, there are steps you can take to prevent cockroaches from gaining entry to your home or business.

Eliminate food sources – store dry foods in tightly sealed containers or in sealed plastic bags and do not leave food sitting out on counters. Do not leave liquids in sinks or buckets.

Clear all waste food and liquid spillage – clean up food debris from food preparation areas, under sinks and appliances. Empty garbage cans on a daily basis and keep all garbage or compost in sealed bins.

Rinse cans, bottles and plastics – before putting them in recycling bins.

Declutter – remove old stacks of newspapers and magazines, unused cardboard boxes and all other forms of clutter from the floor or bottom of cupboards. Cockroaches release an aggregation pheromone in their droppings telling others they have found a safe harborage.

Varnish or paint wood shelves – to seal them, and wipe them clean regularly.

Seal entry points – to deny access to cockroaches. Key risks are gaps around pipes, drains and common walls with neighboring properties when dealing with German, Oriental and American cockroaches. Even tiny cracks around skirting boards and behind electrical sockets should be plugged to reduce potential hiding areas.

How to Get Rid of Cockroaches

Corporate Care experts in controlling cockroaches who know how to get rid of cockroaches from your property. It’s what we do. Our certified and trained specialists will be able to look at your home and the structures around your property and determine where they are coming from. We can eliminate the infestation using the right methods for your home and your family

We like to take a fully integrated approach to our cockroach control services. Our cockroach pest control solutions will seek out their hiding spaces to get rid of the infestation and then offer solutions to prevent cockroaches from returning. Once our exterminator team member figures out where the bugs are getting in, we help find solutions that will stop them from coming back.

Remember, it takes a professional in cockroach removal and prevention to fully rid your home or building of a cockroach infestation. Cockroaches are normally nocturnal, so you really need to call us if you start seeing cockroaches during the day. That could mean the infestation is rather large or their normal home has been disturbed for any of a variety of reasons such as construction or building demolitions.

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